Participants start and finish the race as teams of two, running and swimming the whole course together, helping each other where possible in an effort to be stronger than the weakest link. A special feature of swimrun is that teams are allowed to carry anything they want (except floating devices or motorized items) as long as they finish with all their items. Teams have come up with a whole range of creative solutions, however the bungee cord connecting team members seems to be one of the more efficient ones on the swim which obviously induces a strong team spirit.

During a SwimRun event you don’t change your kit, so you swim in your trainers and run in your wetsuit. This can seem like a challenge in itself but it doesn’t take long to get use to it. Once you are happy swimming in open water you can give swimming in your trainers a go. Shoes that are light weight, buoyant and that drain well are the best for SwimRun. They’ll need to be a good tight fit to stop them coming off when you swim. As you’ll have wet feet and will be running over all sorts of terrain you need trainers with really good grip, especially on wet rock. You can find lots more information about shoes for SwimRun here. Wear quick drying synthetic ankle socks to help prevent blisters.

Preparation is key. Make sure you've checked and tested all your gear before the start of the race or you might end up switching for something more comfortable last-minute, or even during the race, like this team in 2018

There are now SwimRun specific wetsuits available but if you are new to SwimRun there is no reason why you can’t give it a go in the wetsuit you already own. A regular full swimming wetsuit will certainly do a perfectly good job for you in the swimming stages, it will just take a bit more getting used to when you find yourself out running on dry land. During a SwimRun race you are likely to be wearing a mesh bib over the top so suits that have the zip at the back can be tricky to undo when you start to get hot and want to take the top half off.

For those of you new to Swimrun or interested in knowing more about it, we warmly recommend visiting loveswimrun.co.uk